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soundproof ceiling tiles kearny njCapitol Interior Products is the New Jersey area’s leading provider of excellent ceiling soundproofing supplies. Our vast selection of Chicago Metallic acoustic tiles is available in all the colors, sizes, styles and textures you need for your specific job requirements. Some of our Kearny yard products include:

  • Acoustical panels – available in a variety of options such as basic, sag-resistant, light-reflective, soundproofing, insulation, durable, and mold resistant.
  • Specialty ceilings – crafted specifically for higher end design projects that are more unique or complex in nature.
  • Suspension systems – available in economical, flexible or visually attractive varieties to meet a range of building requirements.
  • Integrated commercial ceiling systems – designed to work around a ceiling’s lighting, air vents and/or utilities to create a seamless, professional finish

Our goal is to provide our clients with all the acoustical tile products they need for any application imaginable. Whether you’re looking for interior sound control or durable tile ceilings with a gorgeous finish, we’re here to help you find everything you need for your residential and commercial building designs.

We are Kearny’s Preferred Supplier of Chicago Metallic Soundproof Ceiling Tiles

Capitol Interior Products is a proud distributor of Chicago Metallic acoustical tiles, canopies, panels, and much more. We have chosen to work with Chicago Metallic because of:

  • Their passion for excellent product performance
  • Their broad selection of ceiling soundproofing products and accessories
  • Their focus on adapting each product to the rigorous demands of today’s modern construction sites

Select the Right Soundproof Ceiling Tiles for Your Job

Our acoustic tiles are ideal for both general construction projects and for environments that require superior sound control. Our Kearny yard inventories all the ceiling soundproofing supplies you need to dampen reverberations and echoes, and enhance the clarity of conversations.

Our panels work by absorbing sound created in the room and preventing it from being reflected. Try our soundproof ceiling tiles in both commercial and residential spaces, including:

  • Conference rooms
  • Rooms with tall ceilings.
  • Rooms with multiple hard surfaces
  • Large multi-purpose rooms
  • Home offices
  • Condos and other shared spaces
  • Home theaters
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

Call Ahead or Have Your Soundproof Ceiling Tiles Delivered on Time to the Jobsite

Our Kearny yard is locally owned and operated but benefits from the support of Gypsum Management & Supply (GMS), the leading independent distributor of drywall and other building products in the United States. This means we are small enough to offer excellent customer service, but large enough to stock all the acoustical ceiling products you need.

If you’re searching for a specific tile or system that you don’t see in stock, just let us know and we’ll order it for you. At Capitol Interior Products, our first priority is our customers. That’s why we offer pickup at our Kearny location or on-time delivery directly to your jobsite.

While you’re shopping for your acoustical tile, you may also need some other products for your project. Why not take a look at the insulation products available at our Kearny yard?

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